The Cotacachi Honey Fund LLC provides beehives, equipment and training for small scale farmers in Ecuador. The Fund also purchases honey from these farmers at above fair trade prices and sells it in the United States, providing families with a reliable and consistent income source. All profits from sales are reinvested in beekeeping training and infrastructure.

Fertile agricultural land and irrigation are increasingly scarce resources in the Ecuadorian highlands. Honey production represents a viable income-generating alternative. Since beekeepers rely on the local flora for their livelihood, they have become advocates and preservationists for endangered forests. 



We are four best friends from Chicago. Each summer we venture high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, scale treacherous muddy passes, and brave swarms of Africanized killer bees to harvest some of the most unique honey in the world.

Though it may sound a bit cliché, we share a huge passion for beekeeping. Working alongside local beekeepers, we move our hives (by truck and donkey) around the Cotacachi region to take advantage of the diverse native flora. Because different species of plants and trees in the area bloom at different times, each honey we harvest is distinctive in taste and color.

Being able to share our excitement about beekeeping with farmers, seeing their enthusiasm, and providing them with a viable economic opportunity, makes the Cotacachi Honey Fund incredibly special to us.

Thanks for your support,

  Andrew Sacks, Sam Smith, Nick Helfand, and Nathaniel Moses



We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in learning more about our project or who might want to buy our honey. Please contact us at